High-quality dental crowns and bridges in Rowville

Have your teeth become worn or uneven? Have you lost a tooth due to an accident or ageing? At Rowville Dental Surgery, we can give you back that bright, wide smile with effective dental crowns and bridges.

If you’re looking for solutions to complement your natural smile, our professional dentists in Rowville can help. While not every patient has teeth suitable for dental crowns and bridges, we can provide proper diagnosis and treatment planning, appropriate to your situation.

Contact Rowville Dental Surgery to book a consultation so that we can examine your mouth and advise you on the best course of action to take.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are used to restore broken and worn down teeth to improve appearance, restore shape and strengthen the effected teeth. The main benefit of getting dental crowns fitted is to prolong the life of your natural teeth. Acting like a cover for damaged teeth, dental crowns can be custom-made using various materials to suit your budget.

Dental bridges

At Rowville Dental Surgery, we understand that lack of confidence in your smile can be the result of tooth loss. Whether you have one or more missing teeth, dental bridges replace missing and extracted teeth to help restore the look and function of your teeth and mouth. We have been helping patients in Rowville with dental bridges for over two decades and have the caring touch and pain management techniques to ensure the procedure is performed as comfortably as possible.
rowville dental surgery dental crown

Call our friendly team today on 03 9763 0566 to find out more about our dental crowns and bridges.

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